Online Marketing

online marketing pasadena

Online Marketing: Prices vary by industry. Call 213.434.7944 to inquire

● Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChap, etc.)
● Blogging (periodicals to attract more clientele)
● Newsletter campaigns (MailChimp, Constant Contact)
● Advertising (Pay-per-click ads on Google, Facebook, Yelp)
● Retail Marketing (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, & more)
● Analytics (Measure your visitors)

Need a Domain Name?  Need Hosting?  Need SEO?  Need a Logo? Need a Content Writer?
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*Terms & Conditions: Pricing is subject to change depending on special needs, unforeseen circumstances, modifications requested or required by the client. Media and content provided by clients must be presented in web-ready format (non-formatted text, video/audio embeds). Project time of completion varies depending our current workload, client cooperation, as required in most projects, and delays which may occur outside the scope of web design ie. hosting issues. Hosting trouble shooting, including virus/malware attacks, are not included in the above packages or list of services. Projects without client input or mentioned specifics are artistically created at the discretion of My Company Site; any revisions requested thereof are subject to additional fees. Work not stipulated on the project agreement or mentioned on this site is not the responsibility of My Company Site. Designs (artwork, website-styles) are limited to 3 revisions with customer input. Additional changes are priced accordingly. Final payment is due with 14 days of first deliverable/invoice.